Having just returned from eight years on the mission field in Central America, Dr. Jeff Stam was confronted with several situations in western Michigan that resembled the same type of spiritual warfare that he had encountered on the mission field. Jeff and his wife, Denise, began doing freedom ministry in their home, but as the need continued to grow and through the encouragement of his Bible study group, in November, 1995 Jeff decided to leave his position as Managing Editor for World Literature Ministries to start Set Free Ministries (SFM). Initially the ministry was housed at Friendship Chapel (Jenison) and under the spiritual direction of the church’s elders. The focus was to set individuals free from spiritual and emotional bondage through God’s Word, love, and prayer, using the “Steps to Freedom in Christ” model Jeff had learned from Dr. Neil Anderson. Another primary focus was to train local churches to do this type of freedom ministry on their own. It didn’t take long for the floodgates of ministry opportunity to open wide.

In a short period of time, the advisory team that Jeff had asked to guide him in ministry became and executive board, and SFM became an official non-profit ministry. The small office at Friendship Chapel was outgrown and SFM moved to a suite of offices above Love INC in Hudsonville. In April of 2002 Jeff was called back into pastoral ministry and Dean Vander Mey became Executive Director, selling the packaging business he had begun and run for 23 years. Dean continues to faithfully lead the ministry in the direction that God is calling. In June of 2006, SFM outgrew the Hudsonville office space and transferred to its current location in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

SFM Today

Since its inception 18 years ago, God has taken this ministry far above and beyond what anyone had in mind. SFM has taken on the passion of caring for Spirit, soul and body which has resulted in an explosion of foreign ministry! SFM has three worldwide locations- Grand Rapids, Michigan (USA), Kampala, Uganda, and Mizoram India, with over 1,000 trained volunteers! To the glory of God, SFM continues to grow exponentially, partnering with like-minded ministries to expand and strengthen God’s Kingdom! Please browse through our Global Outreach pages to read further about what SFM is doing around the world today.