Warriors Set Free Testimonials

Kevin - Kevin came to Warriors Set Free in the summer of 2015.  He had been suicidal and tormented with nightmares connected to his service in Afghanistan.  After spending some time with us at WSF, Kevin began to pray for protection from God before he slept, and the nightmares stopped!  He dealt with some lies he had been believing about his service and learned to fight against them, and the depression stopped!  Kevin is now doing great, working full time and active as a WSF Volunteer.

A Veteran - "I began my military career in the early 90's and within 3 months I was deployed to Desert Storm and Somalia. The wounds of war and the demands of military life began to "cake" my spirit in an oppression that darkened my soul. I turned inward and began to isolate and self-medicate. As I completed 3 more deployments, my drinking spiraled out of control and I was in danger of losing my family and destroying my life. That's when a college friend suggested I make a Freedom Appointment. I was skeptical at first but my life was so out of control and I was desperate to reunite with my family. It turned out to be a life-changing event. As layer after layer of 'mud' was shed from my soul, I felt like I was 'mounting up on eagle's wings', soaring higher and higher. The unconditional love, forgiveness, and freedom were something I hadn't experienced since I first came to faith as a child. Actually, I felt like a child again! Innocent, joyful, buoyant, free! I am ever grateful for the new life I live - free from the burdens of war and the weariness of soul."

Interview with Steve Prince of Warriors Set Free on WZZM