What is Warriors Set Free?

WSF is a ministry run by Veterans for Veterans.  Typically a Veteran will only be comfortable talking to another Veteran about the experiences they have had in a war or military service.  Trying to explain your military experience to a civilian has its challenges.  We remove that problem by training Vets to help Vets. Our director, founder and volunteers are all Veterans.

How Does it Work?

When a Veteran comes to WSF, they sit with another Veteran to discuss strategies to win life's battles.  We use proven tactics and techniques, found in the Bible, to encourage Vets going through struggles.

The second step is what we call a Freedom Appointment.  We use a process called “The Steps to Freedom in Christ," developed by Dr. Neil Anderson.  Neil is a Navy Veteran and worked with NASA on the Apollo projects.  This process is not fluffy and comfortable.  It is focused and effective.  We will not waste your time.  This process, in summary, is lessons straight from the Bible with no spin, no denomination and no interpretation. We will teach you to put into practice the knowledge and wisdom straight from the “Word.”

What Does it Cost?

All services from Warriors Set Free and Set Free Ministries are free of cost.  We are a private 501(c3).  We are supported by private donations by faithful donors.  There is no fee for our services.

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Warriors Set Free assists current and former military service members with Biblical Encouragement to win life's battles.