Prison Ministry

“I was in prison and you came to visit me.” - Matthew 25:36

If ever there was a place where brokenhearted people tend to congregate, prison might just top the list! Whether they even realize it or not, underneath the rebellion, the crossbones tattoo, the orange inmate attire, the “don’t mess with me” look, is a heart that has been broken somewhere down the line. Instead of laying that pain at the cross, they have chosen hard-heartedness and bitterness which quickly spirals into a selfish life of sin and lawlessness.

“But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…” - Romans 5:20 

There is no sin that outweighs the redeeming sacrifice of our Savior. Some of the greatest warriors of God’s Kingdom have come from lives chalked full of sin. Take for example Moses who murdered a man, David who committed adultery, or the Apostle Paul who went on rampages of murdering Christians! All of these men, and others who have walked the path of sin and repentance, truly feel the unfathomable grace of God.

Set Free Ministries volunteers make weekly visits to the jails of India, where they find the brokenhearted, the hard-hearted, and those burdened with loads of sin. They also find Jesus, God’s amazing grace, and in some cases, remarkable hearts of repentance. The teams visit cell by cell with Bible in hand, but also lead large groups of inmates to salvation through special seminars and praise and worship. The head warden reported, “There used to be weekly suicide attempts. Since SFM volunteers have started to share the Gospel in 2003, not one attempt has been made.” What used to be an average of 600 inmates was cut nearly in half to 350. The warden’s explanation, “The men do not return because lives are changed.”