Hospital Ministry

“For I was sick and you looked after me…” - Matthew 25:36

When Jesus walked the earth, He did not have to go far to find the sick; rather, the sick found Him! One of His biggest ministries was healing. His compassionate heart reached out and touched (literally) the blind, lame, diseased, and even dead, to bring complete and miraculous restoration to the body. It is not hard to see that God has a special place in His heart for the sick, which is probably why this statement was included in the Matthew 25 passage.

SFM India started doing hospital ministry and a team of volunteers would make the drive to local hospitals where they would disperse two by two to different patients whom they would pray with and encourage through God’s Word.

What started as a small ministry quickly exploded! The hospital staff and patients noticed a tremendous difference in the overall atmosphere of the hospital. After just a few short months, the staff requested that the volunteers continue their visits. As the spiritual and emotional needs of the patients were being ministered to, the ripple effect onto the physical well being was undeniable- SFM India was there to stay!

Today, SFM volunteers continue to make weekly visits to the local hospitals. To the ones who feel alone, there is Christ spending time with them. To the ones who feel hopeless, the sweet sound of God’s truth is read, offering hope beyond measure. To the ones who are unbelievers, trapped in sin and afraid of death, there is Jesus offering His forgiveness and His merciful plan of redemption and salvation. Hundreds of lives have been pledged to Jesus Christ; some as they lie on their very death bed.

The call to care for the sick is heard and met through SFM India volunteers. If this type of ministry touches your heart, please consider joining hands with us- cross races, cross nationalities, cross continents- in the care for the sick and dying.