And Beyond...

SFM volunteers are spanning the globe to bring God’s Truth to every listening ear, teaching about sin issues, repentance, and what it looks like to be a child of God. We are actively sharing what a Biblical worldview looks like at a time when today’s culture screams the opposite and on every street corner. SFM is involved with many local area churches by training people in the freedom ministry and leading various men's conferences. We have also done ministry in the Philippines, Trinidad-Tobago, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, India, Pakistan and Myanmar as well as throughout the United States. 

Some of our “outside the box” ministry is in teaching students and staff from Youth With a Mission as they prepare for the mission field, aiding in Wycliffe Bible Translation, and partnering with other ministries in hosting “Freedom Camps” for children who were abducted and abused by Joseph Kony’s “Lord’s Resistance Army.”

We also make multiple trips per year, both in the US and overseas, to teach large groups of pastors and other Christian leaders about how to share the “freedom through God’s Word” model with their own congregations.