Mosquito Nets

Malaria. With the quick bite of a mosquito, life is turned upside down, and in some cases, taken. Fevers, chills, comas, brain damage, convulsing, death - the effects of the infectious parasite go on and on. The 2015 World Malaria Report, published by the World Health Organization (WHO), indicates 214 million cases of malaria, with an estimated 438,000 deaths wolrdwide, with 88% of those cases occurring in Africa. With approximately half of the world's population at risk for contracting this life-threatening disease, malaria is no small matter.

Malaria is a disease of the blood that is caused by parasites that are transmitted from person to person through the bites of infected mosquitoes. What seems to America as a disease of the past, is still running rampant in Africa, killing a child every 45 seconds. Every 45 seconds, he or she dies a preventable and curable death. Mosquito nets, as simple as it sounds, are the number one weapon of warfare against this deadly epidemic. Because the disease carrying mosquitoes mainly fly and bite during the night, sleeping under the protection of a net dramatically decreases the chance of becoming infected.

Set Free Ministries has taken a stand. As humble servants of the Lord Most High, we have joined the fight in providing life-saving, protective mosquito nets to as many people as possible. So far this year, hundreds of mosquito nets have been donated by Set Free Ministries and our supporters. Please stand with us. For less than $10.00, you too can make a life-saving difference for someone who will be forever grateful.