Impact Sites

Feeding, Educating, and Discipling One Vulnerable Child at a Time

“Pure and faultless religion is this, to look after vulnerable children and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.” - James 1:27

According to a report done by Global Issues, 640 million children (approximately 1 in 3) do not have adequate shelter, 15 million children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS and in 2003 alone, 10.6 million children died before they reached the age of 5. Brothers and sisters in Christ, something must be done.

With the support of generous donors, Set Free Ministries has constructed 15 “Impact Sites” since the summer of 2009. An Impact Site is multifaceted in its purposes, serving as a place of refuge for thousands of vulnerable children , as well as a place to sleep, eat, and receive a Christian education. Before there was loneliness, hunger, and a blanket under a bush. Now with the Impact Sites in place, children have community, purpose, full bellies, and a sense of hope for what the future holds. Stealing and prostitution will no longer be the only options for income. The Impact Sites not only teach the basic education but go as far as to teach the children a specific trade, such as wood working or sewing, so that when their time at the center comes to an end they will have the ability and skill to get a job! 

Approximately 5,000 vulnerable children are currently being cared for through the Impact Sites with over 100 requests from 100 different communities asking SFM for help. There are many lives left to touch!

All Impact Sites are run by leaders and teachers in the local community and are administered by our Set Free Ministries East Africa office. The goal is to help each site work towards its own financial self-sustainability.

The Impact

My name is George William Wasaga. I am 14 years old.
I am in primary 4. I am a boy. I am from Victorious Primary school TATA. My father and mother died of HIV/AIDS when I was 5. I am one of the people who got a goat. It has now a kid. To me, it is and will be the source of income. I wish other children could get a goat each. I take care of my 2 goats now when I come back from school while I am reading my notes. I also got a mosquito net. It is helpful to me.

My name is Christine Osale. I am 7 years old.
I am in primary 1. I am a girl. My father and mother died of HIV/AIDS when I was a baby. I was told this by my aunt who is taking care of me. At home we do not take porridge and no food for lunch.When I came to school, I found children taking porridge and eating food. I thank God for Set Free Ministries for the help they are sending to us. Now I take porridge during break time and also get lunch at school. I received a mosquito net last year from Set Free Ministries. It helps me from the mosquito bites.

I like now my education and Set Free Ministries. We have clean water at school here filtered and nice. Thank you very much Set Free Ministries.

I am Tika Kongai.
Thank you for the help and I pray that may the Almighty Father bless you abundantly for the hearts you have as people of SFM and may God continue providing, protecting, and giving you all the necessary needs. I really appreciate it because you are the ones who are helping us with everything from food to school fees. Thank you very much. Continue with the same hearts and be blessed in Jesus’ name. 

I am called Patrick Kasita, 16 years old, studying in Primary 6 and I am a boy.
My father died when I was a baby. I live a very difficult life. My mother falls sick and no one to help her. I could not go to school for some days because of helping my mother and lack of school fees. When Set Free ministries started helping our school, I was chosen to stay in the boarding section and my mother has a relative helping her now. At school we get food, clean water and we got mosquito nets. Rev. Emmanuel Kabambi came here and we were blessed. We have now scholastic materials. Each child in the boarding section has a mattress, bed sheets, pillow, blanket and a mosquito net. We drink clean water, filtered and good. Before, we were sleeping down, but now we have beds. There is disease control because of the mosquito nets and clean water.

My name is Morine Nakalyango, I am 10 years old, studying in Primary 4 and I am a girl. 
We got 2 water filter. They are a great help for us here at school to get clean water without expense. Before we got them, the school was paying a lot of money to buy fire wood for boiling our drinking water. But now, thank God for Set Free Ministries for this great gift of water filters. We are safe and secure for the water we drink. Thank you Set Free Ministries.

I am Ben and I am 10 years old. 
I am very happy for the school fees that you have helped us with. We really appreciate your love for us. This card is my sincere thank you to SFM.