East Africa


“Bringing faith, hope, and a future to the people of Africa…touching one heart at a time.”

For years, Uganda has been infamous for being one of the poorest countries in the world. Considered to be the birthplace of HIV/AIDS, hundreds of thousands of men and women have fallen victim to the disease, leaving behind children with no one to turn to. With a median age of 15 and a life expectancy of 52 years, it is not hard to believe the staggering unemployment rate of 94%.

Set Free Ministries first visited Uganda in September of 2005, where we held a discipleship conference for around 200 people; 42 of them were orphans who were only sitting through the eight hour teaching for the free cup of porridge that would be handed out at the end. We challenged the small church with the mission of Isaiah 58: caring for the many orphans that were all around. With SFM USA supplying the funds, the African people had the time and the talent to do just that.

The mission exploded! The church answered the challenge and encouraged others to do the same. We opened the church doors seven days a week to provide a free Christian education to those who could not afford to go to school. With a contagious joy, the body of Christ awakened to the call to reach out to others, and in no time at all the small church of 50 became a booming church of 750 people, with 500 of them being orphans who were now being cared for. Other local pastors noticed the change and asked to be taught about how to do the same outreach in their own congregations. Because of the high demand, SFM opened an East Africa office in 2005 and is now directing and helping to fund over a dozen impact sites in Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan that help educate, feed, clothe and shelter—along with evangelizing and discipling over 5,000 vulnerable children. We are also aiding in providing basic necessities such as food, water, and mosquito nets to as many as possible. Please browse through our different projects listed on the right hand side for more detailed information as to what Set Free Ministries is doing in East Africa!


POSTEPS Education Center Primary & Orphanage
SFM brings hope to Kuria, Kenya.  Each school in Africa has a unique story and this is a further example of how the Lord is working.  Founded by Pastor Edward Chacha who had been fighting for 'children's rights' since 2002 started rescuing girls from abuse and forced marriages in Kuria. In 2015, he started this school and this is how the school vision became real.
Pastor Edward met a teacher who wanted to start a school on his own land, but he lacked resources, so he gave his land to Pastor Edward in order to start a new school. Community involvement was crucial and his first meeting had 500 attendees including 5 government officials and most of the community. The school  began with 5 classes, Primary 1 - 5. They had 8 teachers, 3 staff, 2 cooks and 1 watchman all working mainly voluntarily. 
Poverty is widespread and illiteracy levels are high with mostly survival agriculture. Since Pastor Edward had founded 7 churches within the community, SFM's partnership would integrate the name of Christ into their education and the Lord will radiate outside the schools to transform many people's lives.