Freedom Appointment Testimonials


  • ​"I wanted to make a commitment to God with my heart, mind, body, and soul; that I want His will for my life and to guide me through life step by step down the path He has for me. This was the new beginning of giving my life over to Jesus and letting Him live through me. Changing me from the inside out. I felt very distant from God and have also struggled with doubts recently and I want to be the man God wants me to be."


  • "The reason I pursued an appointment was the depression I was facing along with the struggles in my walk with God. Going through the character traits of the God section reminded me that I am loved and cared for deeply by my Father. This reminder of my identity as God's kid will affect my life going forward. I was reminded of God's love for me and the plans for my life."


  • "As I went through the Steps to Freedom, I could feel each weight being taken off. Each step freed me from things both known and unknown that kept me bound to this world. By the end of my experience, I felt such overwhelming freedom that joy and peace were the only words I could think of to express how I feel. I realized that up until that night, I was a prisoner to fear, addiction, and lies. I now have security and freedom in Christ that I never had before. He has touched me deep inside and exposed all the lies of Satan for they are just that - lies. I live everyday with the thought that God will now lead me and the grace of God can keep me.


  • ​"The most amazing thing I can say after seven plus years of secular and non-secular counseling - I accomplished more in this Set Free appointment than in seven plus years of counseling. In forgiving people who have hurt me in the past, I find I have so much more peace in my life and no longer feel like a victim!! Learning to identify spiritual attacks and keeping those 'doors' shut to demons has been so instrumental in ridding my life of the constant damaging 'self-inflicted-isms' and agreements I've made. I love the feeling of killing off the old me and now loving and living with the new me! My relationship with Christ is stronger than ever and falling in love with my Father again helps me to love others as He wants me to."


  • "I began to see my life through the Lord's eyes and I knew I was moving closer to Christ. As the session progressed, it was as if I could understand Him in a new light for the first time. As I read the verses, the Lord revealed more and more of Himself and His healing power. We were sitting in a simple room but His presence was all around us - guiding this Freedom Appointment. It's really an appointment with the Lord Himself and He is the healer and teacher. It was my privilege to have gone through this and I can say it has changed my life from this point on. Anyone and all can come to Him - you will never regret it!"