Is this You?

Set Free Ministries works with individuals struggling with many different types of dependencies and addictions. Do you see yourself described, below?

Depression literally means to press something down.  Pushing down emotions and not expressing them or dealing with them leads to emotional depression.  We walk with those in depression and help them connect with the Ultimate Healer, Jesus Christ. Hear Pamela's Testimony  Get Help

Many times an addiction is a symptom of another issue that has not been resolved.  Pain that is not properly examined and processed can lead to acting out in ways that lead to addiction in many forms.  We walk with those dealing with addiction and help them connect with God, who has the power and authority to break all addictions. Hear Daniel's Testimony  Get Help

If you have suffered from the abuse of another person, it is not your fault and there is hope.  Dealing with the pain of abuse can be a long road of healing. We have staff and volunteers who have abuse in their past and will be able to guide you in overcoming the pain of abuse. Hear Jane's Testimony  Get Help

Suicide touches every type of person in every walk of life.  Thoughts of suicide are often present in our deepest darkest times.  Dealing with the pain that leads to those times is key to overcoming a problem with suicide.  There is hope.  Set Free can show you the hope when you are broken hearted. Hear Simeon's Testimony  Get Help

Anger is a God given emotion against injustice.  Even Jesus got angry.  Remaining angry is where the trouble comes in.   Forgiveness and peace can be experience if you follow biblical lessons for anger. Hear Pamela's Testimony  Get Help

Fear is a common symptom of another issues that have not been resolved.  Addressing past issues and seeking the ultimate healer, Jesus Christ, will help you overcome fears that you are experiencing. Hear Daniel's Testimony  Get Help

Experiencing terrible news or life changing events can damage our hope for the future.  We can show you true hope and excitement for what God has in store for you in your life. Hear Andrew's Testimony  Get Help

Feeling alone is often coupled with depression or anxiety.  We are never truly alone.  Connecting with God and others will help defeat feelings of loneliness. Hear Brad's Testimony  Get Help