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  Position Papers
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New Age Medicine9/4/201483.23 KBDownload
Premarital Sex9/4/2014265.95 KBDownload
Indian Occult Rituals or Shamanism9/4/201485.27 KBDownload
Mind Exchange9/4/2014163.01 KBDownload
Sensory Scrying9/4/2014152.35 KBDownload
The Will of God9/4/201421.18 KBDownload
WICCA - Occult9/4/2014118.94 KBDownload
Sweat Lodge9/4/201472.27 KBDownload
The PARDON9/4/201479.80 KBDownload
BEATITUDES for Married Couples9/4/201463.04 KBDownload
BE's9/4/2014194.52 KBDownload
About Harry Potter3/1/201697.15 KBDownload
After - care form9/4/2014211.73 KBDownload
Children of God9/4/201429.51 KBDownload
Homosexuality and the Bible - Combined9/4/2014124.96 KBDownload
How to Know God personally9/9/2014444.51 KBDownload
Christian Yoga - It's a stretch9/4/2014264.82 KBDownload
Divorce9/4/2014207.17 KBDownload
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