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Product ImageBlessings Of Brokenness
Who knew as your life is crumbling to pieces that you are being blessed. Jesus can use this “breaking time” to help you grow spiritually and more intimately with Him. Embrace His teachings and watch how He takes you through to the other side of self as you greet His Love for you.

Product ImageBoundaries
Having clear boundaries is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. A boundary is a personal property line that defines who we are and who we are not. Boundaries impact all areas of our lives: Physical boundaries help us determine who may touch us, mental boundaries give us the freedom to have our own thoughts, emotional boundaries help us to deal with our own emotions and spiritual boundaries help us to distinguish God's will from our own.

Product ImageBreaking the Bondage of Legalism
Have a difficult time trying to live up to God’s commandments to the point of feeling defeated? Unlock the keys to liberty and the life of freedom by knowing who we are in Christ, resting in the Father’s love and the joyful friendship with God as we view obedience properly. Great encouragement for those struggling with their understanding of what is expected!

Product ImageChoosing Forgiveness
Is the pain in your life stopping you from moving forward? Forgiveness is allowing ourselves the freedom to walk in Christ as we allow Him to heal our broken hearts.

Product ImageDeveloping Inner Strength
Ten lessons for challenges and insights for yourself or group. Look at a variety of emotional issues, including—fear, brokenness, abuse, guilt, and frustration and learn what the Bible has to say about gaining victory over these weaknesses. The Holy Spirit is available to you, every day, in every situation—to bring you the peace and joy of God.

Product ImageDiscipleship Counseling
Want to help others find freedom in Christ? Here’s a plan for helping others overcome spiritual issues through the power of Christ. Create a living relationship ministry in your church. This book is recommended reading before discipleship counseling with Set Free Ministries.

Product ImageDisciplines of a Godly Man
Our churches and homes need men willing to follow the path of godliness no matter what the cost. Using engaging illustrations, scriptural wisdom, and practical suggestions for daily life, Hughes offers frank biblical discussion on major areas of Christian manhood, including family, godliness, leadership, and ministry. Revised. Includes study guide. This is a companion book to Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes.

Product ImageDisciplines of a Godly Woman
Guidance through the Scriptures, questions for self-evaluation, and helpful suggestions for direct application of the spiritual disciplines of the mind, prayer, worship, contentment, and more. This is a companion book to Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes.

Product ImageIn Step with God
How do you make all the choices you face each and every day? Stanley reveals that understanding, considering, and trusting God's character to help you align your life with the direction He has for you. Discover how to know when to make big decisions; what God has for your future; why you're in difficult circumstances and more.

Product ImageKnow Light No Fear
Neil Anderson's latest book for teens identifying how Satan's most effective weapons of fear and deceit are aimed right at your soul. Overcome anxiety, discern God's guidance from Satan's deceptions and discover that to know God is to know no fear. This book helps teenagers find their identity in Christ so that they are better equipped to fight the battle at hand.

Product ImageLies Women Believe
It is when we believe that we are not alone in our experiences of defeat and failure, trouble and turmoil, and look to understand as we expose the areas of deception, that we can we be delivered from bondage. As we are set free to walk in God’s grace, forgiveness, and abundant life, we are better able to stand against our enemy.

Product ImageLies Young Women Believe
Young women are targeted with depression, anxiety, broken relationships and addictions from our enemy. These symptoms of the lies we believe can be overcome with scriptural truth. Take the Blazing Lies Test and allow God to walk you through the process of exchanging damaging lies for the freedom of Truth. A pull-out section on scriptural “Truths that Set Me Free” included.

Product ImageOne Day at a Time
How you approach life when you're struggling with addiction is key to freedom. A companion to Dr. Anderson's best-selling Freedom from Addiction, this devotional helps strengthen your walk on the road to biblical, Christ-centered recovery. The inspirational readings reinforce the Steps to Freedom and provide a daily dose of encouragement.

Product ImageOvercoming Depression
Caught up in a vicious cycle of depression? Millions of Christians are suffering from depression-but this silent pain can end. There are solutions which are accessible to all in this guide for breaking free from depression with God’s strength at your side. Accept your birthright as a child of God and discover new life in Him.

Product ImagePraying by the Power of the Holy Spirit
Become more confident in your prayer time as you connect intimately with your heavenly Father as you bring all of your struggles to God and through trusting Him gain freedom to walk in the Spirit. See prayer as a relationship versus a ritual and find the access to your Father freely.

Product ImageRestored
Surrender is the first step in allowing the love of Jesus Christ to restore your broken heart. Be free from every spiritual bondage that comes your way and experience life as you were meant to, in Christ.

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