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It was a divine appointment. SFM USA Director, Dean Vander Mey, was stuck in an airport in Mizoram, India, after spending some time visiting a missionary friend. The three day layover provided ample time to get to know the other passengers, one of whom was just as interested in God’s work as Dean. Reverend Lal Zuala was a retired pastor, but still burned with a passion to reach out to drunkards and prostitutes, thieves and prisoners. The two immediately connected and spent much time talking about the call to share Truth. Three short months later, in February of 2003, SFM India was up and running, with Rev. Zuala as director.

Today, SFM India has over 550 trained volunteers who are reaching out on a daily basis. They offer free biblical discipleship and encouragement, emphasizing on prison ministry, hospital ministry, and street evangelism. Along with local ministry, SFM has just recently begun doing underground conferences and teachings in nearby countries where Christianity is banned. SFM India is also caring for the orphaned and abandonded through TNT Orphanage~ a place of refuge for over 1,000 orphans and outcast!

SFM India has gained favor through out the entire land, with the support of local government officials, police forces, and hospital staff. In just over seven years of ministry, many lives have been touched by God’s hand through the faithful effort of SFM India.

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