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Set Free Ministries Grand Rapids, MI is a safe, secure place, overflowing with God’s love and truth. We have trained encouragers and prayer partners that will walk with our ministry recipients through what we call a "freedom appointment," or discipleship session where the burdens can be lifted and God’s grace can pour through.

SFM-US partners with the ministries of SFM-India and SFM-East Africa. 


  Prayer Requests

1.  Teenage pregnancies…and then the loss of the babies either thru abortions or violence. The healing touch of the Savior is necessary for all those involved.

2.  Paul Tameling has been asked to bring some further teaching/training to a group in April. 

3.   Dr. Neil T. Anderson founder and president of Freedom in Christ Ministries is coming to Michigan in March to host a Biblical Discipleship Conference titled: Training the Body of Christ to be a Disciple.  Neil says:  “We have to equip the lay person to do the work of ministry. The approach of Discipleship Counseling intentionally includes God in the process. He is the Wonderful Counselor and the only One who can set a captive free and bind up the broken hearted.” 

4.  SFM USA is facing new challenges in 2012 with funding.  A few major donors have re-assigned some of their giving and we are needing other members of the body of Christ to fill in the gaps.  It is our desire to broaden and increase our base of donors in this year.

5.  Dean Vander Mey, daughter Ellie Vander Mey and Todd and Kris Ponstein fly out today for Africa!

Africa Trip Itinerary:

Jan 26    Leave Grand Rapids MI for Nairobi ,Kenya

Jan 27    Arrive Nairobi, stay at Rusam Villa Guest House in Nairobi, Kenya

Jan 28   Fly to Kitali, Kenya to meet the Omwabini ministry team, travel by van 30 minutes to Kimlili, Kenya

Jan 29   Worship with Kenyan’s…….Dean preaching with Todd & Kris singing.

Jan 30    Build Orphan Home with community members. (funds were raised by a young gal who made bracelets and sold them!)

Jan 31   Build Orphan Home with community members

Feb 1st  Travel to Uganda Boarder / Meet up with Emmanuel Kabambi/  Visit SFM/EA school in Buguri/  travel on to Rakai District

Feb 2nd  Visit  Tata school/  travel to Kasensero to visit God Cares Orphanage/  sleep in a Kiyrotera, Uganda hotel

Feb 3rd  Travel back to Kampala early morning/   SFM/EA staff  meetings/  lunch with SFM/EA Board/ Meet with chad Neeley WWCS/ 

Feb 4th    Visit FOAS School site ,  Visit Shaona School site, Visit Oasis school site

Feb 5th   Worship with at Emmanuel Kabamabi’s church ,  eat lunch downtown Kampala,   head to airport & leave for home @ 11:30 pm.  Arrive in US February 6th.

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  Praise Reports

1.  Paul Tameling recently completed training for a group of eager volunteers who willingly asked for deeper teachings.  Their feedback was very positive and encouraging!  We are excited to see how God is going to use these servants of His!

2.  Several team members have been working with a man named Paul.  He has recently been released from prison both literally and spiritually!  He had been involved in the porn industry and since giving his life to Christ he has seen incredible freedom. Those around him both in the professional counseling world and his friends cannot believe the changes that Christ has brought about in his life in such a short time span.

3.  Five young people (all under the age of 30) have committed to go to Africa to give of their time talent and treasure.  They are excited to teach mechanics/vocation training and spend time teaching children other skills and share the love of Christ through words, actions and deeds.

4.  Monday Nights and Women Walking Free are two options for those who have completed a Freedom Appointment and desire to strengthen and deepen their growth.  Praise the Lord for those who are attending and for those who teach and lead these classes!

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