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Set Free Ministries India
Set Free Ministries TNT Orphanage and Hospital

Set Free Ministries India office is located in Aizawl India.  Weekly they have teams that minister to the sick and dying in the local hospital and visit those in the local jail. SFM India has over 550 trained volunteers who are reaching out on a daily basis. They offer free biblical discipleship and encouragement, emphasizing on prison ministry, hospital ministry, and street evangelism. Along with local ministry, SFM has just recently begun doing underground conferences and teachings in nearby countries where Christianity is banned. Another ministry called Prayer Mount are facilities strategically located on mountain tops  where people come together for specific prayer concerns.

TNT Orphanage is located in Aizawl India.  They have a large staff and 1,117 orphans.  The orphans are fed, clothed, taught the Bible and given medicine. 
TNT Hospital, which is located a few miles from the orphanage cares for adults who are sick, poor, lame, blind and mentally ill.


  Prayer Requests

1. Jeff Stam, International Director for SFM USA will be arriving in India on January 20th

He says: This is my current itinerary (subject to change, I’m sure):


Jan 20 (Fri)  - Arrival @ 11:50 a.m. - stay at State Guest House.

                           6:30 PM Dinner with Board of Directors.

Jan 21 (Sat) - 10:30 to 3:00 - ONE DAY SEMINAR ON SPITITUAL WARFARE

                           CHIEF GUEST & RESOURCE  PERSON: Dr.Jeff Stam

                           6:30 Pm Preaching in the church Service.

Jan 22 (Sun)  - 10:00-12:00 Preaching at Bethel Camping Center.

                            1:00 to 3:00 PM Visit & Preaching at TNT

                            6:30 PM Preaching in the church service

Jan 23 (Mon) -  11:00 - 2:00 Pm Visiting Prayer Mount

Jan 24 (Tue) -  Visit District Jail and Preaching (45 Min)

Jan 25 (Wed) - Preaching in the church service (35 min)

 Jan 26 (Thur) - Visit Central Jail and preaching (35 min)

Jan 27 (Fri)  - Leaving Aizawl for Kolkata @ 3:35 p.m. (overnight in Kolkata (Calcutta) and depart for Rangoon Sat, Jan 28)

Jan 28 (Sat) – commencement address at Victory Bible College

  (don’t know anything about the rest of my schedule in Myanmar)

Jan 31 (Tue) – 7:30 p.m. depart for Bangkok, Thailand (overnight in Bangkok)

Feb 1 (Wed) – leave for home (via Tokyo and Chicago)

As we can read this is a very full and packed schedule for Jeff!   We can specifically pray the bullets below, and more as the Holy Spirit leads:

·         safety (and endurance) in travel

·         health and sleep

·         the Holy Spirit’s anointing for speaking/teaching/encouraging


2. Reverend Zuala, SFM India Director as well as the Board and volunteers are very excited to have Jeff coming for a visit!  Specifically Reverend Zuala requests prayer for:

a. “Dr. Jeff Stam, International Director is planning to come and there will be one special program for the Mizoram State government officers. We are expecting more than one thousand officers including the Chief Minister (in your location Governor) and his ministers and all important officers will be attended. In this meeting, Dr. Jeff will preach based on the Biblical passage on Amos 5:24.

Therefore, let all the prayer partners all over the SFM family keep praying for the blessings of his trip to Aizawl, and Mizoram India.”

b. Please continue in your prayers for the vital and difficult ministry the volunteers are involved in weekly sharing the gospel and love of Jesus in the hospital and jail. 

c. TNT Orphanage, which currently has over 1,000 children faithfully through God’s provision, provides food, clothes, medicine education and the love of Jesus every day.  Thank the Lord for the staff and volunteers who serve and give selflessly. Pray that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, joy and wisdom will be experienced and shared and they will be refreshed daily.

d. Continue to pray for the leadership at TNT Orphanage:  Rev Papuia and Mr. Mal sawma. Often in their correspondence with me they share truths from God’s Word that is impacting their lives.  Here is a recent example that, I am sure, will bless you:   “I’d like to share some words, about what happened while Paul and Silas were prisoners at Philippi. While they prayed and were singing hymns to God there was an earthquake, the foundation of the prison was shaken. All the prison doors were opened and all the prisoners’ chain was loosened. This story woke me up, singing hymns with prayers shall set the captives free, it did before, will do tonight and tomorrow. Asking God to set the captives free!  Praise the Lord! Hallelujah”

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  Praise Reports

Reverend Zuala writes:

1.  With regard to prison and cancer hospital ministries, we are seeing progress spiritually and physically. During the Christmas and New Year celebrations they were very joyful and happy. You see 78 inmates spent the whole night of 25th December, 2011 with singing and praising God. The same thing happened on the 31st December. All cancer patients in the Hospital were discharged for the holidays so they could celebrate in their respective homes.

2.  A Grand Christmas Carol Service was organized on 22 December, 2011 covering the whole city of Aizawl. We preached the word of God at 13 specific points.  As matter of fact, the God of Abraham inspired our hearts and minds. During the whole celebration programs the city was calm-- no shops were opened. Many people were attending in the church services.  To God be the glory!

3.  TNT Orphanage shares on January 22:   Mr. Jeff Stam visit us today, our children showed a pipe band display and cultural dance to welcome him, we are very grateful that a man from the SFM US ministry visited this place.

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