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  Child Sponsorship Program

Am I willing to be used by God to impact the life of a vulnerable child so that—through
that child, God will be honored and glorified and a child’s life changed forever?

Introduction to Set Free Ministries Child Sponsorship Program

Following are some guidelines and help in the sponsoring process.

The primary aim of the Child Sponsorship Program will be to lead the child to become a dedicated Disciple of Jesus Christ.

Children can be sponsored from the time they start pre-school through secondary school.  The sponsor may select more than 1 child to sponsor. The sponsor may select a specific child via the website or may ask SFM to select the child.  The sponsor may select by school grade and/or gender.

The sponsor may select to pay for sponsorship via cash, check, credit card or automatic withdrawal method.  Payments may be made on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis. The sponsor may at any time discontinue sponsorship.  If the discontinuance notice is given to SFM during the middle of the month, the discontinuance will be in effect the month following.  The sponsor will receive an e-mail reminder if the payment selected is quarterly or monthly.  No paper reminder will be sent.  The sponsor will be responsible for notifying SFM of any change in e-mail address.

Once a year the sponsor will receive a glossy 3 x 5 print of the sponsored child, and will receive a letter from the child on a quarterly basis.  The sponsor will not be able to give the child any special gifts, either at a birthday or Christmas or at any time, so as not to get into conflict with policy at the impact school which prohibits this. (This is done so there will be no strife between the children who receive and the ones who don’t). The sponsor may at any time correspond with the sponsored child via regular mail.

The funds collected for the sponsored children will be used to feed, clothe, and educate the children. Part of these funds will be used to purchase land and farm implements for the purpose of teaching the children to farm and eventually be self-sufficient. In addition some funds will be used to teach the children to sew, or mechanics, etc., all so that each child will be able to learn a craft or trade to be self-supporting when graduating from secondary school. Each sponsored child will receive an orphan care kit containing among other things a Bible, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap and a potential life-saving mosquito net.

The cost of sponsorship is only $20.00 per month, of which almost all of it, $15.00, will go directly to the impact school the child attends. $5 will be retained for administration expenses in the USA.

It is sometimes necessary to deliver bad news to a sponsored child. Sponsors end support for various reasons including financial constraints and death. Some children don’t take such news well, and field Monitors are trained to handle these situations with care and wisdom.

itors are trained to handle these situations with care and wisdom.

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